De'Elegant Racing Concept Rig. .

This unit is a combination of Australian design and American truck iron. The truck is a 1999 Peterbilt 377 conventional 320" wheelbase, 144" Double Eagle sleeper, 4 160 gal tanks, a generator and ulitity boxes, roof ac, satilite dish, sun roof, custom deck and more. .

The centerpiece is the trailers. The lead trailer is a 40'ft unit used tor vendors and carriers a pace car. The rear trailer is the house of the racing team. It has a lounge and carriers the cars, workshop, cabinets, extra bodies, motors, tools, wheels and more. Each trailer is self contained with its own generator and ac unit. The trailer can be used as one or individual. This was a idea addition to our history of building. Thanks to Puma industries in Australia and their racing applications to the racing industry.