1) Do you have kits? Yes! We have just introduced kits under our line of products.
2) Do you sell just parts? No
3) Can you build a special part for me? No
4) Where do you get your kits? If there is a kit available we may
use a part; but more than likely we start for kit frames and scratch build the rest
5) Where are you located? Chicago, Il
6) How much are they? cost varies from $500.00-$5000.00
7) Do you do any shows? We try to do at least 3 shows a year: Louisville, Las Vegas, and Walcott.
8) Do you do construction equipment? Yes, we use Manufacturing, Drawing, and Specification.
9) How long does it take? Under normal condition, 10-12 weeks depending on detail.
10) How many untis do you do a year? About 10-12
11) How do you get a project started?
A) First is to see the truck or equipment  to be modeled.
B) A spec sheet is required for exact detail / and making drawings
C) A photo shoot by you or by us with as many shots as possible
D) A deposit
12) Do you mail the trucks when they are finished? No, we set up an appoitment to pick up or delivered.
13) Do they come in a case? Yes, a custom wood and plyglass, with custom name plate.
14) Can you do any truck(s)? Yes, any truck can be done, but with some it may take more time to do the master model and  molds!
15) Do you do your own chroming? No, we hace a special plater for all custom work
16) Can you do murals? Some, it depends on size and complexity
17) Do you custom make your own parts? Yes, each truck is different and so are the accessories
18) How long have you been doing this? As a business, about 12 years; As a hobby, since 1973
19) What scales do you work in? We are now working in 1:16 and 1:24
20) Do you build for anyone, or just the Trucking Industry? Yes, anyone
21) Do you do any models of just trucks? We build cars, trucks, and buses
De-Elegant Model
Truck Fleet