De-Elegant Model
Truck Fleet
Master Model Builder Kuenn McClinton
"Let's Talk Trucks"
In the summer of 1973 the first model truck kit was purchased for $4.00 in Alabama. This turned out to be a total disaster, but a lot has changed since that time in Alabama. Let me introduce you to the world of De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet , an organization whose specialty is building miniature clones of your hard working tools of the trade, your trucks and cars.
So, what makes our kits so special? The uniqueness is that "It's your Rig", duplicated as close as possible, if not exact. As truck enthusiasts, we notice good quality and good taste in fine equipment and yours that, making you and your equipment a special part of the industry. I am very sure that, many months were spent planning and figuring out every detail of your equipment. The same eye for detail, pride and desire goes into every model that is built by the De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet.
All models are 1:25, 1:24, and 1:16 scale, and are scheduled and timed upon orders. Photo's and dimensions are required, (becoming the property of the De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet). Each model starts out as a basic truck  or car kit, but since your truck or car isn't just basic, neither is our kit. Many man hours are put into designing the master model in which you will always have, regardless of, rent, trade-in, or sale of the real one. There are interior options, available for trucks, trailers, and cars. For example: phones, stereo, speakers, satellite dish, boom-a-rang TV antenna, microwave ovens, refrigeration units ect. . .  Also, at additional cost, we even build matching cars, from Ferrari to Mercedes Benz.  (call for list)
We are very happy to have had the trucks featured in such magazines as: Scale Auto Enthusiasts, Trucks, Overdrive, Stacks, and American Trucker, just to name a few.
Thanks to people like Mr. Raymond S. Miller, President of Double Eagle Industries, and his fine staff of sales people, we have had the honor of being in the Louisville, Kentucky Truck Show, in '87. Mr. Miller now displays 7 well known models in the main headquarters, located in Shipshewanna, Indiana.

Now that we have had the opportunity to introduce the world of the De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet, Look over our site, and if you have any questions, and would like to fill an empty shelf, table top, or mantle, just call: 1-773-379-1055 ad ask for Kuenn (pronounced Quinn)