Usually 8 to 10 weeks for a complete unit, Truck and Trailer. As you will see, sometimes the amount of detail takes us into a longer time frame- (see examples)
8 Weeks
14 weeks
20 Weeks
10 Months
The De-Elegant Model
Truck Fleet
Master Model Builder Kuenn McClinton
This is an example of a 12 week project based on the amount of detail, with  custom wood interior, and chrome items.
Due to custom paint, extra axles, and custom trailer / car, and a custom headache rack, gives us a 14 week time frame, for this kind of project.
With a 365" wheelbase, custom sleeper, custom tow body, and a host of other chrome items put us in a 20 week timeframe for this project, including custom paint.
As you can see, with the amount of detail, cars, chrome, framework, and trailer, it is hardly questionable as to the time frame involved i this project.
**Each unit has a baisic time frame, but as you can tell none of our projects are basic, thats why each time frame varies depending on the amount of detail on individual projects.**