The De-Elegant Model
Truck Fleet
48 ft. custom Kentucky drop deck climate control trailer for 3-Way Van Lines, with rear lift gate Pheonix carrier, reefer unit, and a roll up door
53 ft. Kentucky double Drop furniture van with polish doors, belle boxes, and front wall loaded inside and out!
Donnie Harper's trailer is one of the most impressive trailer that we have had the pleasure of building. . . . .

44 ft. 5", a stinger car transport with a host of lights, and chromes, with a matching over the cab rack.
Terry Berry . . . . .

Hauls this 50 ft. Kentucky car transport with lift gate and chome rails, custom belle doors polished front wall.
Western Transportation. . . .

Has one of the nicest rigs in the Racing Industry with it 50 ft. Competition Racing Trailer, Tri-Axle
Configuration, and custom house of color graphics this is indeed a work of art.

Black Magic Racing Team. . .

Heres a 50 ft., 16th scale racing trailer from Warrior Trailer Manufactoring Co. with 10 ft. spread axles, lift gate, lounge aera, and generator power unit.
Testermans' 1:16th scale east 48 ft. wide covered wagon with custom tool boxes between the spread axles, a side kit storage box in front of the axles. Full fender on each wheel and matcing black leather cover with all opening doors for storage.
**All trailers are custom made to customer specifications and makes, your imagination is our limitation**
Master Model Builder Kuenn McClinton
50 ft Merritt livestock van, with 10 ft spread axles, and custom toolboxes. This is truly a gift worth its weight.
53 ft extendable Double Drop Lowboy Trailer Tri-Axle/Flip-up Axle, Custom wood deck and twin toolboxes.
53 ft Featherlite Nascar Transporter with Lounge, 10 ft spread axle, and boxes, lift gate.
48 ft Kentucky electrics Van with rear lift gate, and SBII Reefer unit.
53 ft Concept Racing Trailer , with custom lift gate, full length toolboxes, lounge, and generator under the front.
48 ft 102" wide Kentucky Trailer
53' ft 102" wide trailer Custom Furniture Van
6 Car Transport, Air ride suspension, with 3 car trunk rack, with chrome inlaid panels.
50 ft Car Transporter
Race Time!
300" wb Tractor and 48 ft Trailer exceeds 4' 9" long and 10" high
50' ft Cattle Trailer
Detachable gooseneck, all air ride suspension
Custom Generator , Chrome front, under lounge compressor
55 gal fuel tank, 6 Belle Box compartments, chrome rear bumper.
53 ft Racing Trailer.